TUESDAY EVENING – Deeper Living: Word for Word



[Final class – Tues, April 17th]



Join us each week and learn how Biblical prophesy is being fulfilled in this day through YOU!
* Class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday.  A different Biblical Prophesy will be taught each class.  Sorry, no live broadcasts are available during this series.

When: Every Tuesday [and Thursday during this series. A different topic each class.]

Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm [Men and Women]

Reservation: No reservations required.  Come as you are!

Where:  The Deeper Living Center
2430 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, Oh

Cost: FREE of charge

What to bring: Your Bible and a notepad

The Word of God – Discover the Messiah through the prophets of old, and the surprising truths about the New Covenant. These are truths that will transform.

What is this class?

This is an ongoing weekly conversation for both men and women in a casual, “living room” setting.  Each week we will discuss the fundamentals of the Biblical understanding of  the Will of God in a profound, yet simple to understand format for both new and mature believers.   A pressure-free environment where input, questions, and discussion is welcomed but not required.  Open to the public from week to week.

The Bible is the actual Word of God, revealing God’s plan for every person.  Experience God and deepen your faith as you learn the practicalities of the Bible, the methods of proper Scripture study, and ways to apply what you learn about the Will of God to your every day lives.

Deeper Living Center

2430 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241