Deeper Living Bootcamp

“I urge you to CONTEND for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.”
– Jude 1:3


The Deeper Living BOOTCAMP 2017 weekend has been re-designed to accommodate men and women who have asked to go deeper in their understanding of how God’s Word [and His Will] is being divinely fulfilled through us in these days.  The events occurring today are bringing forth an urgency for preparation among the “remnant”

This is not a retreat. It is a weekend experience with rigorous Bible study (and discussion) for the believer who feels the urgency to reinforce their faith for the days ahead. This course is not recommended for the casual observer of the faith.

The Deeper Living BOOTCAMP 2017 is specifically tailored for preparation of those called to be soldiers of Christ; those willing to risk it all for the cause of Christ.

No recruiting necessary:  A soldier of Christ knows the call. You don’t choose it. It chooses you….and nothing else satisfies.

Be trained to STAND FIRM without fear.

The Throne Room Brigade will learn;

  1. How to walk in an undeniable assurance of your faith as a soldier of Christ no matter the circumstances or threats in the days ahead.
  2. How to heal from “friendly fire” – the fatal wounds sustained by those in the Church.
  3. How to stand firm when your own family rises against you.
  4. How to discern in the Spirit how to function effectively in the battles of daily living in the world today.
  5. How to stand in readiness in every circumstance to determine which action to take on the spot.  Special training in “situational awareness”.
  6. How to operate as a soldier in response to rejection, betrayal, slander, and persecution from others toward them.
  7. Learn what it means to stand firm to the end.

IN Christ, we have been given a distinct military advantage!

Join us on Friday and Saturday as we pull away from the distractions of the world for hours of enrichment.  Be empowered with deep Bible study, prayer, and discussion to help bring forth clarity from His Word and application to our lives.

Men and women welcome.

No physical workout required!


Date:  Fri., Oct 27 – Sat., Oct 28, 2017

Times: Fri, 6:30pm-9pm & Sat, 9am- 6pm

Cost:  No charge for class, but registration is required as seating and supplies are limited.

Location: Deeper Living Center
2430 E. Kemper Road, Sharonville, Ohio

The journey will be a challenging one as your faith expands, but it is our prayer that you will experience the “oneness” that Jesus prayed to the Father for each of us.

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Reservation form - Deeper Living BOOTCAMP Weekend

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Deeper Living Center
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