Power of Prayer Conference


Power of Prayer Conference

Date and Times:  Coming soon!

Power of Prayer Conference:
  • FRIDAY Evening –  “Introduction” – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • SATURDAY Daytime – “Prayer Training” –  9:00am – 6:00pm
Free BONUS Session
  • FRIDAY Daytime – “Fundamentals” – 10:00am – 5:00pm
Free OPTIONAL Session
  • SUNDAY Daytime  –   “Power of Prayer for Married Couples” – 2:00pm – 5:00pm  [NOTE: Both must have attended conference as pre-requisite.]

*Conference materials are INCLUDED

Learn how to:

  • Restore lost authority in your prayer life and Christian walk.
  • Learn to pray for others and see immediate results.  [Inner healing/deliverance]
  • Conquer the power of fear, temptations, insecurity, addictions, rejection, anger, etc.
  • Experience freedom  and REMAIN free for a lifetime.
  • Cultivate a sound mind every moment of every day.
  • Courageously and humbly handle conflictno longer “fighting” or “running” from conflict.
  • Build calm confidence in your identity, your faith, your ministry (now or future), and in every area of your life.
  • Serve God unencumbered by fear, doubt, or unworthiness.
  • IGNITE your faith with renewed and authentic passion to pray, worship, study, and serve.
  •  Arise from the pit of despair with a fresh, new perspective and purity in heart – make life worth living again.
  • Learn how to live in this “new normal” – FREEDOM!

You will receive printed tools to tuck into your Bibles or purses, office desk, glove compartment in your car, etc., to pull out quickly when:

  • Someone needs freedom prayer.
  • You feel spiritually attacked or tempted.
  • or, when a crisis suddenly arises and you must step into action. 

You will be prepared, as God leads you!

Printed tools Pictured - Freedom Prayer Brochure; Covenant Prayer Brochure; "I'm Free - Now What?" Brochure; and laminated prayer cards and Scripture cards.

Newly UPDATED printed tools – included with conference training. 
Freedom Prayer brochure; Covenant Prayer brochure; “I’m Free – Now What?” brochure; laminated prayer cards and Scripture cards.

The “Power of Prayer” will change your Christian experience forever!

Many people equate “normal Christian living” as merely surviving life;  grasping a gulp of spiritual air before being pulled back down into the pit.  If you’ve found this to be true in your life, you are not alone!  Perhaps you’ve tried prayer in the past, or took classes, only to find yourself right where you started, suffering embarrassment and shame.

There is another way, and we will show you how.

Jesus Christ gave us the ability to navigate through every trial, temptation, and attack with spiritual ease… freedom from shame, fear, anxiety, and frustration.  Be set free from porn, busyness, addictions, rejection, perfectionism, oppression, anger, etc., and learn how to set other people free!

Freedom  is just one prayer away… just ONE PRAYER!

Once you are free, you will live honestly and openly as a follower of Jesus Christ without embarrassment, apprehension, or shame about your life, your past, OR your faith.

Prayer is the key!

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ABOUT PRESENTERS: Two believers coming to faith in Christ from complete opposite directions.  One from legalism; the other, atheism.  Both sides will be explored.

matt2.jpgMatt Campbell:  Co-presenter 
Matt grew up on the front pew in church.  Matt’s father was a deacon and his mother was the organist.  Reflecting back, Matt said his entire understanding of Christianity was focused on “working” to achieve perfection and God’s favor; hoping that if he tried hard enough, he could he get his life straight.  This mind-set led to religious bondage, shame, and a sinking feeling of failure and hopelessness.  15 years ago, that all changed!  Through the POWER of prayer, Matt was set free from a hidden addiction to pornography and the shame and anger that resulted from that addiction.  Today, Matt ministers to men on how to restore lost authority and embrace purity in their lives [and marriages] through the POWER of prayer.

Erin Campbell:  CoPresenter 
Erin lived her entire adult life as an atheist and alcoholic.  Debilitating fears, addictions, depression, and shame defined her; sinking her deeply into more bondage and hopelessness.  Behavior modification, drugs, discipline through self-help, and counseling could never bring the relief she desperately needed.  In 1993, Erin was introduced to Jesus Christ on Bourbon Street through a street corner evangelist and was dramatically saved through faith shortly thereafter – Watch reenactment.  And yet, even though Erin was a new believer, she was STILL bound in her addictions.  It wasn’t until 1998 that Erin would experience the POWER of prayer; absolute deliverance, freedom, and complete healing from alcoholism and the self-loathing and shame that came with that addiction.  Christ set her free… and the POWER of prayer kept her free!