Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 • 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Dayspring Church • Cincinnati, Ohio
FREE Admission! Registration is required - LIMITED SEATING
Men and women welcome!

What women are saying at ECM events...

“One word… Intimate!”  - B. Scott

“I almost don't have the words to tell you… my heart is overwhelmed.”  - E. Thompson

“God’s Spirit is so present.”  - J. Schultz

“I could listen for hours, very anointed!”  - T. Surface

“Deep… true to the Word.” – V. Lunsford

“Everyone needs to hear this!”  - R. Wilmer

“Wish my brain could have absorbed every single word!” – A. Kat

“Masterful!  God’s gift to us”   -  C. Campfield

Julie’s music is incredible!”   - T. Surface

“Thank you for allowing God to change me through you!  Your teaching was very easy for me to follow. Your sweetness and God's love shines through.” - J. Heller

“Love it when Erin gets wound up (Preach it sister!)” – Anonymous

“Wonderful!  I felt welcomed, received, encouraged.  I learned so much!  A blessing”   - T. Frisse

“Always fills my heart with God's love, every single time!” – H. Schilling

Julie is such a delight!   These two women make a great ministry team!” S. Bickett

“Brilliant, truly from God. Thank you!”  - K. Kiemm

“Erin has made everything fit to all levels of belief.” – A. Anderson

“Awesome!  It has worked so well in my life.  I know if it can work for hard headed me, it can work for anyone!  The time seems to go by so fast, I would love to keep going.  This is a comfortable, welcoming environment” – Anonymous


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