Spring Conference: Understanding Israel

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March 30, 31 – April 1, 2018  [Friday – Sunday]


Friday         7:00p –  Keynote message followed by Q&A time.

Saturday   10:00a – Session One
1:00p –   Lunch
2:00p –   Session Two

Sunday     10:30a – A Special Resurrection Service


Pastor Mikhael Murnane – visiting us from Jerusalem, Israel
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A love offering will be received each day for our guest speaker

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Deeper Living Center
2430 East Kemper Road, Sharonville, Oh 45241
[Located inside the McSwain-Pro building]


Understanding Israel, the Church and the End Days

Present day events in Israel and the Middle East are on the fast track.

The End Times and timeline of prophetic events brings with it many different opinions, controversy, and even confusion.

The Old Covenant Hebrew prophets spoke much about the events in the last days and the Day of the Lord, and with a parallel examination of the New Covenant we will see how God has put the Jew and the Christian side by side in overlapping roles for His purposes, the return of the Messiah – Jesus Christ – and the restoration of all things in the end days.

We invite you to come and step into God’s End Times plans for Israel and the world.

March 30, 31 April 1st  at The Deeper Living Center

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The 3-day seminar will have a wide variety of topics bringing a rich understanding
of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith!   

Topics include:

Note: Some subjects might change or be combined together

  • Where we are prophetically today—Update’s from Israel.
  • What does it really mean to be grafted into the Olive Tree and co-heirs with Israel?
  • The promised physical and spiritual awakening of Israel.
  • The spiritual deception of Replacement Theology.
  • The 7 prophetic messages of the 7 Feasts of the Lord.
  • The prophetic call of Israel and the Church
  • What is the irrevocable call of Israel.
  • The overlapping destiny of Jew and Christian in the end days.
  • Yeshua revealed in the Covenants of Israel….Overview of all the Covenants.
  • Romans 9-11 – undeniable proof God is not finished with the Jewish people.
  • Jeremiah’s New Covenant promises to Israel “Yet to be fulfilled”
  • Understanding the spiritual battle for Jerusalem and the Land.
  • The End Times prophetic books….Ezekiel, Zechariah, Daniel, Joel, Revelation
  • Israel and the church bring world redemption.
  • Restoring the Ancient Ways and the Kingdom of God.
  • Jacob’s trouble – tribulation….”But I will save you from your enemies”
  • Understanding the 1000 year reign of Messiah-The Millennium Reign.

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Our Speaker: Pastor Mikhael Murnane

Mikhael lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife Orit and their six children. They are founders of “I Bless Jerusalem” ministry, where they work with other Israeli leaders to train up and equip the next generation of young Israeli leaders.

They partner together with others to help establish Hebrew speaking congregations, and pray and work to see the promised “Spiritual Awakening” in the Land for the salvation of Israel.

Through biblically based teachings, Mikhael brings a fresh prospective for God’s prophetic purpose for Israel, and the overlapping destiny of Jew and Christian in the end days.

Email: cometozion@aol.com